Sculpture at Bathers is a not-for-profit organisation that offers a major free-to-the-public outdoor exhibition to promote West Australian artists and West Australian sculpture as a distinctively special practice. We strive to make sculpture accessible to a wide range of audiences and for the first time in 2017 offer artist tours, a designated art activity and resources to schools specifically focused on West Australian sculpture. Our goal is to develop a formal Education Program for our 2019 exhibition. Our historic and intimate location and ‘down to earth’ philosophy allow us to offer a boutique and very personal experience with the artists and their works.

Education Enquiries and Bookings:

Jodie Manning,, 0410 488 704

When: Weekdays from Monday 27 February to Friday 10 March 2017


  1. Excursion Management Plan
  2. 12 Works for a Short Tour
  3. Curatorial Statement
  4. PDF Catalogue
  5. School Excursion and Tour Booking Form

The Shimmer

‘The Shimmer’ is an exceptional and unreal creature on a journey, a journey the rest of us can only imagine. Even though no one knows where he has been or where he might go next, everyone can still take part in his adventure.

Simply by being part of creating it.

This is an opportunity for children to challenge their imagination by drawing, painting or collaging a picture of The Shimmer’s journey. There are no limitations to how big, small, wild or cool the journey and destination can be.

Thanks to LEGO and Fiddlesticks Cottesloe we are able to give away amazing prizes to the winning contestants.

More information about the competition and how to enter can be found down below.

‘Follow The Shimmer’ Kids Competition