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Björn Rainer Adamson was born in Kaufbeuren, a town situated south of Munich in Germany. Since early childhood he was fascinated by all kinds of art, enthusiastically drawing, carving and building little machines at any given opportunity he could.

After graduating high school, he completed a rigorous apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. This equipped him with countless technical and manual skills working with timber and three-dimensional space.

With an eagerness for timber carving and sculpture, he attended a specialised school of art in the Bavarian Mountains, focusing on traditional woodworking and carving, graduating with high commendations for his work.

Working on numerous independent projects, commissions and collaborations for over 20 years in Germany his work has featured in many festivals, exhibitions, galleries and collections. In more recent years his life led him to Western Australia, becoming a permanent resident in 2014.

His main concepts examine time and space, “What is real and how reality is experienced as a shared phenomenon of the human collective mind”. He is interested in the human race as being seamlessly so intelligent, however often an irrationally behaving species. With an infatuation for science and technology he constantly questions the boundaries of where his work can unfold and exist.

“Understanding that life is a big long journey, and not believing in the obvious human experience of the world as the one and only reality, i’m always experimenting to find the magic
in human existence.” Bjoern Rainer Adamson

Photo [right] by Robert Pupeter.

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Featured Work

Bjoern Rainer Adamson - Featured Work Supernova
  • Year: 2016
  • Materials: Steel nuts, recycled jarrah
  • Size: 370 x 310 x 310cm
  • Price: $ 41,000

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