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Bellinda was born in 1972 in Dampier, Western Australia. Growing up by the coast in Perth her passion for art developed at an early age observing her mother and older sister creating, painting and drawing. As time progressed, her interest moved towards product and furniture design and in 1997 she began her studies in Industrial Design at The Central Institute of Technology.

With these technical skills under her belt, Bellinda was commissioned to design a small range of custom furniture and lighting. Always evident in her work is the playful injection of spirit and movement, inspired by her love of animals and nature. Combining the delicate fragile beauty of bougainvillea leaves with harsh unbreakable mild steel for a lighting project. Bellinda also spent some time working as a designer within the Exhibition Industry until 2007, honing her CAD and graphics skills.

In the following years Bellinda became increasingly more aware and disturbed about animal welfare and conservation and in 2014 she began work on a range of large bold fibreglass sculptures she hoped would convey her concerns. Exhibited at Gallows Gallery in 2015, various pieces have found homes with prominent W.A. art collectors. Experimenting in this range with various finishes and textures, her aim also was to bring art outside, tying in with our increased desire for sophistication of our outdoor living areas.


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Bellinda Panizza - Featured Work Where the grass is greener
  • Year: 2016
  • Materials: Polystyrene, fibreglass, synthetic grass, steel, sheeting, rope, chain
  • Size: 220 x 240 x 150cm
  • Price: $22,450

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