Adam Hisham Ismail

Adam Hisham Ismail is a WA-based sculpture artist. He has been active for 12 years, having exhibited in multiple group and solo shows and received 1st place awards at several city council art awards including the Town of Victoria Park. He has been involved with various private and commercial commissions and currently has works in the “Liz and Lloyd Horn Collection”. His work features mixed materials, dealing heavily with allegory and thematic symbology.

“We are gatherers by nature. We collect and attach ourselves to things outside of our persons…homes, possessions, other humans etc.
This gathering is carried out systematically and although initially done largely for padding or comfort, these attachments become a way of identifying ourselves, to ourselves, and to others. We fuse with these things and it is through a sort of allegory in which abstract ideas are personified, that I endeavour to contextualise these fusions. I hope to pull together a series of elements, sentiments and parallels as pragmatically and decisively as I can without being too officious; leaving the window of speculation and irony wide open.

Primarily using woods, I shape the scaffolding of the dream, using found objects and dismantled machine parts as transplanted life support organs. Finer features, membranes and skins are formed with paints and glazes before dealing with the heart of the beast. Assemblage is a major driving method in these works and my desired primary outcome is for a new organism – a “gathering”, a sort of “Frankenstein” approach…

The pieces are intended to read as a kind of dysfunctional totemic suite interrogating the nature of obsolete beauty in design and form where aesthetics are disrupted, subverted and reconstituted.
Process in tension with Product.”

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Featured Work

Adam Hisham Ismail - Featured Work Harbour Master
  • Year: 2016
  • Materials: Mixed media
  • Size: 200 x 60cm
  • Price: Sold

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